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soft cheese balls-what???

This is a quick fix for unexpected gatherings (yes, we have a lot of those around here) or a tasty addition to your appetizer line up. We use goat cheese, we keep it in the freezer, so it's always on hand. What you need: 1 package of soft goat cheese ( or cream cheese if you prefer) HoH Cheese & Butter seasoning  What to do: There are two options for making those delish faves option 1: Pour a table spoon of seasoning on a plate or cutting board. Form a cheese ball and roll it between your palms to make sure its round and smooth. We usually make it 2" in diameter, but you can decide what works best for...

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Oil dips-just add freshly baked bread, yum!

  Mmmmm- fresh crispy steamy baked goods, a loaf of bread or a baguette, each one of us has a favorite. How about an equally delicious oil dip? The dip itself is easy to make and it takes just a few seconds, the difficult part is deciding which seasoning or oil to use to create it. We love our two step option, it gets everyone talking, we usually serve at least two seasonings and two different oil concoctions. what you need: 1. Oils: a good quality olive oil is always a good base. How about a few drops of HoH organic Rosehip Seed oil or HoH organic Sea buckthorn oil, now we are talking unusual. Another great base oil is HoH...

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