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Avocado Toast

Simple, easy, delicious. Avocados are the way to our hearts at any time of the day. Most famously, the beloved avocado toast is enjoyed as breakfast topped with the most creative toppings of choice. But first, you must pick out the perfect avocado. We like ours at the point of peak ripeness, soft but justtt firm enough to hold shape when sliced. Slice thinly and neatly.  Choose your bread of choice. Some of our favorite breads to toast include raisin cinnamon, rye, Japanese milk bread, sourdough. Next: toppings. We usually always have hemp seeds and chia seeds on hand, which makes for a much needed crunch and added nuttiness. If you have radish to slice or sprouts to sprinkle go...

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Get in the Jam with HoH!

Get to know our jams! They are uncomplicated, made usually with just two ingredients out of which the majority are organic fruits, but yet super decadent, finger licking good. We've dreamed them up for a perfect breakfast in bed with freshly baked crunchy croissants and a cup of fragrant organic green tea or a sunny pick-nick, insert your favorite spot here.  You will quickly notice, that we are impartial to Blueberries at Hands on Herbs. We have the more common high bush blueberry jam popular in North America and the European wild blueberry, that is much smaller and inkier with a more pronounced delicate taste. Both are organic and delicious and choosing just one was never an option. A truly...

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Cashew Cream Cheese

We love this simple recipe for many reasons. It's not only easy to make, but extremely nutritious, super tasty on its own and such a fantastic base for anything you wish to top it with. We smear it on our morning toast and sprinkle with HoH Wild Garlic or HoH Cold Dishes Seasoning-yum. We add sauté shiitake mushrooms with HoH Parsley-delish. The possibilities are endless... What you need: 2 cups of organic raw cashews Himalayan salt organic lemon juice from one lemon 1/2 cup of filtered water powerful blender What you do: Soak cashews over night with a generous helping of salt (we always use filtered water and Himalayan salt). In the morning rinse cashews and transfer to a blender....

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