Get in the Jam with HoH!

Get to know our jams! They are uncomplicated, made usually with just two ingredients out of which the majority are organic fruits, but yet super decadent, finger licking good. We've dreamed them up for a perfect breakfast in bed with freshly baked crunchy croissants and a cup of fragrant organic green tea or a sunny pick-nick, insert your favorite spot here. 

You will quickly notice, that we are impartial to Blueberries at Hands on Herbs. We have the more common high bush blueberry jam popular in North America and the European wild blueberry, that is much smaller and inkier with a more pronounced delicate taste. Both are organic and delicious and choosing just one was never an option.

A truly decadent and unique choices are our HoH organic Rose petal jam and HoH organic Wild strawberry jam. The Rose petal jam is made out of organic rose petals, yes, you've heard us, by gently grinding them with organic cane sugar. It's not only beautiful to look at, but also fragrant with a truly unique taste. It makes a fantastic hostess gift, and with a smell of fresh flowers a romantic addition to your breakfast tray.

HoH organic wild strawberry is a treat in itself. Europe is very familiar with this tiny, but immensely flavorful fruit. This jam will surprise the traditional strawberry jam lovers with its delicate flavors and make those who never reach for strawberry jam reconsider.

It's good to add some sweetness once in a while, at HoH we offer you decadent flavors with more than 60% of organic fruits in each jar. We do not praise sugar nor do we encourage its use, but we believe, that there is perfection in imperfection and we all deserve to indulge once in a while. However when filling our jars with those fragrant spreads, we couldn't help but make sure, that we tip the scale a bit to the fruity side.