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HoH Roasted Potatoes

A simple side dish to any main event, breakfast through dinner. Crispy and delicious, yet with minimal prep time. Try this simple recipe for a crowd or a small gathering. Use your favourite small potatoes of same color or a mix of different colors. Rinse your potatoes well before cooking and drain excess water. This recipe does not require any cooking skills, but as always cook with intention-put gentle loving care in your cooking, trust us you will taste the difference. What you need: 1Ib organic baby potatoes (cut in half-bite size)  2 tablespoons organic olive oil 1 teaspoon HoH organic Herbal pepper HoH White Himalayan salt with organic chili 1 tablespoon HoH organic Rosemary Oven proof glass dish or...

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Impromptu dinner: seasonings

There is nothing worst, than a pressure of an impromptu dinner. It's fantastic to catch up with good friends over a glass of wine, but the prospect of cooking a meal fast and making it tasty as well is outright terrifying. We've been there way too many times and that's how our collection of seasonings was born. We cannot imagine our culinary adventures without even one of them, but just like us, you too will play favourites. Here is what we put on, the very last time a couple of friends knocked on our door. Set the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and prep your main dish. We had some organic chicken breast on hand, so we poured cooking oil...

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