Infuse your water

My friend used to say, that we are all chronically dehydrated. As much as it is true, that we should only eat when we are hungry, hydration just doesn't work the same way. Feeling thirsty means, that you are already dehydrated.

The trick is to learn to drink water and keep up with your intake throughout the day.

Here at HoH it is a constant battle, so we go out of our way to invent new ways to make it more palatable and nutrient enriched. A couple of months ago we held a infused water tasting to determine which of our loose teas can pull a double duty. We were amazed with the results and drinking water during a day of work has never tasted better.

Our potent flower and fruit teas turned filtered water into amazing, organic and natural nutrient enriched drinks. We couldn't decide on a favourite. The infused with flavor water party was a huge success, however next time we will need a venue closer to a restroom.

What you need:

1 L of filtered water

1 or more of HoH loose teas: HoH organic Chamomile loose tea, HoH organic Aronia tea, HoH organic Blackcurrant tea, HoH organic Fruit Punch, HoH organic Raspberry fruit tea, HoH organic Raspberry rosehip tea, HoH organic Rosehip, HoH organic Sea buckthorn tea, HoH organic Strawberry Rosehip Raspberry tea or HoH organic Wild strawberry tea.

1 L caraffe or bottle with a wide spout

What to do:

Simply pour 1 L of filtered water over 2 tablespoons of your tea choice and let infuse for 10-15 min. The water will take on a faint fragrance of the flowers or fruits releasing its delicate flavors and benefits of organic ingredients. Strain into a glass and enjoy. It's a beautiful and healthy alternative to serve with your meal and hopeful more enjoyable for those who, like us still struggle with drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Use our single ingredient fruit teas to spike your water bottle. Drop a few raspberries or aronia fruits into your work out or just work water bottle.