Anatomy of Immune Boosting Tea

A strong and healthy immune system can fend off pathogenic viruses and bacteria before they take hold and make us sickIt’s important to help our immune system stay strong and if we do come down with something, a well-maintained immune system can lessen the severity of symptoms, shorten their duration or both. What makes a good immune supporting tea?

A tea, that provides antioxidant and/or anti-inflammatory functions which are both essential for good immune health.

At Hands on Herbs it is our mission to source organically grown herbs, fruits, flowers and roots, that are carefully hand harvested for optimal selection, sustainability and combined for maximum efficiency and enjoyment. We believe in the power of natural organic medicines, which are easy to absorb, and can restore or reset our bodies naturally, especially when it comes to our immune system.

We now know, that certain herbs are particularly beneficial at targeting and supporting the human immune system. Just like humans, plants also must deal with potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, and therefore develop compounds to protect themselves from such attacks.  

It all stems from the plant’s ability to create their own internal chemicals, and just like our own immune systems, are designed to counter any microbes, so in turn the phytonutrients present in plants give us a hand in protecting our own defenses.

One of our most popular teas, “Immune Brew” is designed to do just that. Our herbalists combined various organic herbs and fruits to fortify our immune system, and combat the effects of common cold and flu.

We use organic elderberry fruits and flowers, known to be loaded with antioxidants and the ability to fight inflammation. Packed with quercetin, an antioxidant with antihistamine, and anti-inflammatory effects (fantastic to combat flu symptoms, sinus pain and chronic fatigue).

Another organic ingredient-Linden flower is not only intensely flavorful and aromatic, but also known for its properties in fighting colds and coughs. It contains mucilage, a sticky substance, that can help relieve inflamed membranes in the mouth and throat. Its antispasmodic properties help digestion, by managing an upset stomach and lower inflammation of the gut, while assisting the immune system in fighting various strains of bacteria and yeasts to combat diseases. Linden flower is also well known for its anti-inflammatory compounds, that could potentially help relief muscle aches and joint pain.

Yarrow herb is another example of cold fighting natural remedy. Astringent properties of yarrow plant help treat nasal secretions, promote perspiration and lower the temperature.

The plant contains bitter substances that stimulate the immune system, and essential oils that act as antimicrobial agents.

Raspberry fruits are vitamin C rich immunity boosters, that help resist everyday infections and illness, while simultaneously cleaning blood cells to fight viruses.

Coltsfoot is another plant rich in mucilage, that coats the throat and effectively soothes the respiratory tract. In our tea we use the leaves of coltsfoot, that are known to help treat respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, colds and coughs, congestion and sinus problems.

Greater plantain stimulates the body’s defense system with an active ingredient, similar to the ingredient found in Echinacea. We use the leaves of this plant in our Immune Brew to ease coughs and irritation of the mucous membrane and to stimulate the immune system.

We all know about the nutritional values of sunflower seeds, but not many of us are aware, that the petals of sunflower have been used in natural medicine for ages. Those nutritionally rich, effective and beautiful parts of the plant are often used in teas to treat sore throats and reduce inflammation of the windpipe and tonsils.

Finally, common mallow, that contains compounds which activate the immune defense system as well as substances soothing infections. Mallow softens and moisturizes all that is hard and dry and helps with low immunity of the respiratory system. An antibacterial and antiviral properties, thins mucus and facilitates expectoration.


While all those plants are powerful on their own, combined in the right proportions, provide a serious dose of natural and restorative benefits in quantities, that are safe and mild enough for adults and kids alike. The magic is in the tea’s accumulative effects. With each fragrant tea cup, the body gets a mild dose of powerful, organic plants, that work together to not only aid our immune system, but help us cope with the symptoms and help fight the onset of common cold and flu.