Dry hands

Weather you garden a lot or just let your hands do all the work without the care they need and demand, you too have been there: dry hands, peeling cuticles and brittle nails. Dry hands are common during the colder months, but are also a result of everyday exposure to gardening, housework etc. Here at HoH we definitely abuse our hands, a lot! This simple method has changed our daily struggle to moisturize and our perspective on "hands on" chores.

What you need:

HoH Carrot seed oil

What to do:

Clean your hands with mild soap and water. Take excess water out, by shaking your hands over a sink or slightly padding with hand towel leaving them dump. Apply a generous helping ( 1/2 teaspoon) of HoH carrot seed oil to the top of the non predominant hand and massage gently into both top of hands and palms, paying particular attention to cuticles and nails. Leave until fully absorbed or wipe excess oil from your palms with a cloth after a couple of minutes. You should feel immediate relief. Repeat this treatment as needed throughout the day. For a persisting dryness, apply the oil before bed and put on a pair of cotton gloves overnight. 

Try this treatment on your dry and cracked feet, however take precautions not to slip. We recommend treating your feet overnight with a pair of cotton socks on.