HoH Oil cleanse 2 ways:

We are all about oils. Cold pressed, organic and nutrient rich. We use them as cleansers, serums, moisturizers (we are talking face and body) and to supplement our diets. Every single bottle in our collection is a true Superstar.

Here is how to do oil cleansing two ways. A quick cleanse for lazy days and a more luxurious version for the complete face spa experience.

First: oil selection. In our cold pressed oil collection, there are oils for every skin type, season and condition. Choose what suits you best, all of our oils work well for oil cleansing.

 Simple Oil Cleansing:

This type of oil cleansing is very simple, quick and convenient. Use your favorite HoH organic, cold pressed oil.

What you need:

-Your HoH favorite oil

-Clean face cloth

What to do:

  1. Warm your hands ( try running hot water, but dry your hands for step 2),
  2. squeeze a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand and spread between both palms and fingers
  3. gently massage your face for a couple of minutes.

It’s a fantastic time to reconnect with yourself and let your fingers give your skin a warming, facial massage. Follow your favorite routine or use ours for an extra beauty boost.LINK to face massage

  1. To finish, dip a clean face cloth in hot water, make sure the water is hot, but not burning, squeeze out excess water and stretch the cloth over your entire face pressing lightly for a few seconds.
  2. Gently wipe the oil residue from your skin.

This simple method will melt away all make-up and impurities, leaving you skin clean, glowing and moist.

  1. If you feel, that you need a little extra moisture, apply a drop of your HoH favorite oil to your face and massage gently to distribute.

You will find your own rhythm of using this method with time, we recommend incorporating it in your nighttime routine.


The Spa Oil Cleanse:

This is “THE CLEANSE”! We love how our skin glows, how clean, but plumped and rejuvenated it feels after. It’s a true luxury for your skin, yet simple and easy to incorporate in your nightly routine. The key is making time for it and through practice letting your skin dictate how often you need it.


What you need

-Your favorite HoH oil or a combination of oils LINK recipe of hemp or chia with drops of rosehip or sea buckthorn

-Organic castor oil

-Clean facecloth

you will need castor oil and other thinner cold pressed oils, sea buckthorn, rose, hemp or chia.

What to do:

For normal to dry skin, mix the oils in proportion of 1part castor and 4 parts other oil or oils. Use a tiny tool to measure the parts, like a ¼ of a teaspoon.

Castor oil is a humectant, it draws moisture out of the skin, so for oilier skin types you might want to increase it to 2 parts castor and 4 parts HoH oils.

  1. Combine all oils in a small dish
  2. Secure your hair with a head band
  3. Gently massage the oil mixture into your skin. Remember, this is your time, so try not to rush, but relax and give full attention only your beautiful skin. Massage your skin in slow fluid motions for at least a few minutes. We recommend 5 to 7 minutes to really work the mixture into your skin.
  4. Dip a clean face cloth in hot water, make sure the water is hot, but not burning, squeeze out excess liquid and stretch the cloth over your entire face pressing lightly until facecloth cools.
  5. Repeat step 4 to really open the pores and let the mixture penetrate. It’s ok if some of the oil rubs off with the fist hot compress.
  6. This time, gently wipe the oil mixture from your face with the washcloth. This will lightly exfoliate your skin, getting rid of any impurities in the process.
  7. If you still feel a bit of dryness massage a couple of drops of rosehip oil into your skin.

You are done, you should be able to see the results right away: a fresh, glowing skin and hopefully a smiley face. Enjoy and experiment with pairing the oils together. Our skin has different needs depending on weather, season and even time of month, adjusting the mixture accordingly will help you to better understand what it needs to stay radiant and healthy.