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The Detox oil

Milk thistle oil is a powerful cleansing rejuvenator, your liver and skin will thank you for.  Abundant in sterols, essential fatty acids and vitamin E; the clear, light yellow seed oil is often incorporated into skincare formulations for its antioxidant, anti-aging, moisturizing and skin protectant benefits, but back to the liver…why is optimal liver health so important to us? The liver constantly works overtime to help defend us from toxins that are common in our everyday life, acting like a filter and removing harmful substances from the body. It helps remove toxicity and harmful substances from our blood, aids in hormone production, detoxifies the body, releases glucose into the bloodstream in order to give our body steady energy and releases bile into...

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Fever Tea

Don't just pop a pill when you feel a nasty headache coming on, try this easy recipe first. Make your own fever tea and enjoy the aromatherapy and the feeling of instant well being along with the healing benefits. Try it, it’s easy, rewarding and so good for you. Take 1 tsp of chamomile flowers, 1 tsp of elder flowers, 1 tsp of lemon balm and brew in 2 cups of boiling water. Steep in covered vessel for 10-15 min. Strain and add honey or birch sugar to taste. Enjoy

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HoH 5 pillars of healthy living

Here are 5 simple rules we live by, so the rest of “it” can fall into place. Think about them as a solid foundation, a platform that supports everything you want to achieve. We fail when we try for perfection, but when we set realistic goals (however low) we can slowly build the life we want. Try small changes, and remember, that nothing happens overnight, but trying to be consistent will build a routine that sticks, and eventually becomes second nature. Make small changes, little adjustments, if you misstep, start over and don’t look back. Eliminate failure and guilt by not giving up. Eat right and only when you feel hungry. Nutrition comes first. Eat as much organic food as...

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