HoH 5 pillars of healthy living

Here are 5 simple rules we live by, so the rest of “it” can fall into place. Think about them as a solid foundation, a platform that supports everything you want to achieve.

We fail when we try for perfection, but when we set realistic goals (however low) we can slowly build the life we want. Try small changes, and remember, that nothing happens overnight, but trying to be consistent will build a routine that sticks, and eventually becomes second nature. Make small changes, little adjustments, if you misstep, start over and don’t look back. Eliminate failure and guilt by not giving up.

  1. Eat right and only when you feel hungry. Nutrition comes first. Eat as much organic food as you can afford, quality makes a difference. Every bit counts and contributes to your overall well-being.
  2. Drink.Hydration is important: drink a glass of filtered water as often as you can, when you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated and remember if you don’t filter your water, you are the filter.
  3. Move.Be active. Exercise should be a part of your weekly routine. Find something you like, and stick with it. Don’t set your goals too high, start with baby steps, but try to be consistent. It will change your life.
  4. Sleep: you need at least 7 hours, this is like recharging your battery, everything depends on it. Establish a nighttime routine to couch yourself into a deep restful and uninterrupted sleep. You need it.
  5. Manage stress: there is no such a thing as no stress, but you can learn to manage it, and with time you will notice it diminish. Realize, that you cannot change yesterday, so let it go, don’t worry about tomorrow, it’s a waste of time to worry over something, that doesn’t yet exist and enjoy today, cause it will never happen again.