The Naked Truth





We wake up every day faced with the decision to live our best lives. What if every choice we make could directly benefit our overall wellbeing? Here at Hands on Herbs, we are passionate about wellness through all-natural, organic ingredients made to help us from the inside-out.  Every bite, every sip, and every drop on our skin can have an accumulative effect on our health. Hands on Herbs unlocks nature’s fullest potential with active and potent ingredients found in our oils, teas, and culinary foods.

Hands on Herbs is committed to herbal education by going back to the basics. The search for raw ingredients begins from sustainable sourcing to selective hand-harvesting and finally hand-packaging each product. The process is labor-intensive but full of love. We ask you to join us on this journey that will change the way we interact with what our planet has to offer –nature’s benefits.

It all begins with a single seed, a root then a flower. In an over-processed and automated world, Hands on Herbs embraces integrity in human touch. A pair of hands specially picked and prepared this package just for you from the start to the beginning. We hope you fully enjoy the flavors that prevents, tea that heals, and oils that beautify.




Hand-harvesting is a novel concept in our industrial age where everything is becoming automized with artificial intelligence and mechanics. That's why we find it so important that we preserve the art of foraging and hand-harvesting our ingredients. Imagine foragers, adeptly plucking herbs and plants from the ground -ever so gently as to not disturb the earth.

Our master herbalist in Poland leads his foragers through the farm and surrounding land, ensuring not a single plant is overlooked. His mantra is that  “everything but the grass” bears beneficial properties for humans as nature intended. Horticulture and herbal science has long been a part of Poland's history and culture. So, by way of our dedicated herbalist and his team of foragers, we discover the restorative and rejuvenating effects of nature. 











Holy herb! Behind Hands on Herbs is a team of experts with a deep love and love for the earth. Our herbalist, resident nutritionist, and team of tea lovers sat around, for what seemed like eternity drinking tea, mixing and matching seeds, flowers and roots. We spent countless hours studying the effects of Yerba Mate, Dandelion, and Sea Buckthorn. A passion for botany and agriculture eventually led us to a beautiful garden where herbs and weeds alike are nurtured and tended for their unique and beneficial properties. The organic lineup is sourced from an ecologically protected area through sustainable, ethical, and natural production practices in Poland.