D E A R    F R I E N D S

We are incredibly excited to introduce Hands on Herbs!

In pursuit of a longer, healthier, happier life, our goal was to locate and source the cleanest ingredients to create a line of oils, teas and culinary foods accessible to holistic-forward people around the world. 

We have almost 10 + years of experience working in the global food industry, with experience in sourcing, harvesting, and import/exports. Over the years, we have worked with foragers, farmers, nutritionists, herbalists and tea enthusiasts like you and me across the globe to understand and learn from their knowledge and rituals.

We ourselves at Hands on Herbs are food fanatics, having tasted hundreds, if not thousands, of ingredients over the years. With every bite, every sip, every drop on our skin, our promise is that we will forage the earth and harvest only the purest, most natural foods so that every choice you make has an accumulative effect on your health.

We look forward to sharing our experience and passion for food and wellness with you, by demystifying the wonderful world of organic botanics. Email us anytime at info@handsonherbsorganics.com for questions, comments or feedback -we love to hear from you!


Be well!   

   The Hands on Herbs Team