The Stuff of Life

What do we all want? Can we possibly sum it up with one word? We can-happiness. We know, it's a big one, but it truly is everything.
We’ve always been fascinated with a power of nourishment and how it translates into all areas of our daily lives, seemingly unrelated, like a good hair day or a strongly alerted and awakened mind. But are they really disconnected?
A properly nourished body connects to a well working and productive brain with a brilliant side effect of glowing, beautiful skin.
Time and time again we’ve experienced this connection through thorough selection of what we eat.
…and this is how we got here and who we are today. This is what matters.


A Simple Dream

For a year, we sat around, drinking tea, mixing and matching seeds, flowers and roots. We've spent a week studying the effects of Yerba Mate on our creativity.  

Kept journals documenting every sip of tea, every bite spiked with our seasonings, and observed with our gut ....and we marvelled at the first subtle and then undeniable effects of those little wonders.

Two months into our quest, we dropped every single skincare product to substitute it full time with our multitasking oils. We couldn’t believe the positive change in our skin, along with a lineup of friends, who fully embraced our experimental project. As a matter of fact, we couldn’t chase them away. We kept exchanging comments and the new inventive ways of using them. From oil cleansing to moisturizing, comparing scars, sun spots and acne flare ups to full on supplementing with their amazing essential fatty acids content. We knew we had something special.

Then, we dropped our usual line up of supplements. We’ve always consulted on quality when buying supplements, so that was not the issue. We simply noticed the difference when using quality herbs or oils instead. No more capsules, no more preservatives, no more processing. We steadily supplemented our diets with FOOD!!!!

There was no coming back from that and we all knew it. A simple dream was born and we needed to share it.


Implications of Creativity

What if we can use the ingredients we cook with every day to their full potential? Organically grown, carefully sourced and selected, active and potent, supplementing everything we put on our plates or into a cup of boiling water.


The decision was simple - a line of products, that does all that, with our diet as a vehicle, where every bite, every cup of tea, even salad dressings or marinades can have an accumulative affect on our wellbeing.

 A line of products driven by quality and purity of ingredients, because we believe that simple can be bountiful and full of flavor.
We want to change the way you look at food; the way you think about flavor. Food as it was meant to be - simple and nourishing, aromatic and flavorful. Flavors that heal, tea that restores and oils that beautify. Simply good for you in every way.                                 

Knowledge is Power

Know what you eat - we came up with a way to identify the content benefits, by awarding our products a seal based on their performance and merit. Now you know how to sneak more antioxidants into your diet, simply by enjoying a cup of tea with a friend, come up with amazing dinner in no time or make your dentist wonder where you were hiding since the last checkup.

Eat, entertain, wear sunscreen instead of foundation - don't hide your skin or yourself.  Feel the vital power of life. Remember, it's YOUR life and happiness is available any time…