Agar-Agar (vegan gelatine)

Agar-Agar (vegan gelatine)

Agar-Agar is a plant-based gelatin derived from seaweed. It is ideal for altering the consistency and texture of dishes without disturbing the favor. It is used popularly in Japan for delicious jelly drinks or pudding desserts. Fantastic vegan alternative to animal derived traditional gelatine. 

Ingredients: organic agar extracted from seaweed (100%)


How we like it: 

Agar has no taste, no odor and no color. It sets more firmly than gelatin, and stays solid at warmer temperatures. In fact, agar solidifies at temperatures below 50 degrees Celsius, which means that refrigeration is not required to set an agar gel.

Use 1 teaspoon agar powder to thicken 1 cup of liquid.

  1. Dissolve 1 tsp agar powder in 4 tbsp hot water
  2. Bring water to a boil
  3. Simmer for 1 to 5 minutes
  4. Mix well with warmed ingredients
  5. Let it cool to set agar.

Although Agar-Agar sets at room temperature, it is best served cold. Let it set at room temperature and then refrigerate for a few hours before serving cold.

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