Birch Sugar

Birch Sugar

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Are you ready to breakup with sugar? We can help. Get the smile factor of sugar without the guilt! This fabulous sweet stand-in looks and tastes like sugar but contains roughly half the calories. Naturally derived from birch trees, this European sweetener of choice is a dream for dieters and dentists alike. Improve your oral hygiene and reduce your waistline simultaneously. It’s Smart Sugar.

Ingredients: Birch Xylitol (100%)

Natural and Sugar free


Low GI | naturally gluten free | vegan | non-gmo

Net Wt. 400 g | 14.1 oz

How we like it:

Meet our Sweetie-the ultimate alternative to sugar. No after-taste, great to bake with and most importantly, doesn't wreak havoc in our diets. Birch sugar is natural and derived from bark of birch trees. It has roughly half the calories of table sugar and about 75% less carbohydrates, yet it looks and tastes just like regular sugar. However unlike regular sugar, it is not converted in the mouth to acid that causes tooth decay. It actually reduces levels of decay-causing bacteria in saliva. This wonderful alternative to sugar keeps our tea sweet, our waist in check and our dental visits short.