Game & Red Meats Seasoning

Game & Red Meats Seasoning

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Excellent when used on meat or combined with oils to use as a marinade or a rub. Try it  with roasts, stews, or baked dishes.

Ingredients: thyme*, juniper berry*, black pepper*, allspice*, marjoram*, coriander*, rosemary*, lingonberry*, rowan berry*, mint*, wild thyme*

*Certified organic ingredients

       Net Wt. 40 g | 1.4 oz                                     

Quick and easy meals:

Our seasonings are designed to shorten prep time and inspire your inner chef. Be creative and think outside the labeled use. Experiment and use as much or as little as your soul desires. Make it easy.

How we like it:

This is a meat lover. Deep flavor and aroma, it will win any grilling contest. And yes, we do use it with other proteins, it's very well behaved. 

certified organic | no artificial flavors or colors naturally gluten-free | vegan | non-gmo | sustainably farmed | hand harvested | hand packaged