Green Tea with Peppermint

Green Tea with Peppermint

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How do you measure happiness? We encourage you to think about it sip by sip. This fragrant green tea is perfectly balanced with a hint of peppermint that will refresh and awake all your senses. And just then, you may realize that happiness is measured simply in cups.

Ingredients: organic green leaf (90%), organic peppermint leaf.


How we like it:

Boil water and let stand for 5-7 min to cool down to 180◦F/80◦C. Pour a cup of water over 1 tea bag. Steep in a covered vessel for 1-3 min.
Net Wt. 25 tea bags 2 g each | 50 g | 1.8 oz
Formulated by expert herbalists for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.

certified organic | no artificial flavors or colors naturally gluten-free | vegan | non-gmo | sustainably farmed | hand harvested | hand packaged | naturally caffeinated

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.