Tomato & Black Caraway with Wild Garlic

Tomato & Black Caraway with Wild Garlic

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This expertly formulated blend transforms simple ingredients into a culinary experience. This combination pairs well with roasted meats, sauces, casseroles, and eggs.

Ingredients: organic dried tomatoes, organic black caraway, organic wild garlic.

       Net Wt. 40 g | 1.4 oz                                           

Quick and easy meals:
Our seasonings are designed to shorten prep time and inspire your inner chef. Be creative and think outside the labeled use. Experiment and use as much or as little as your soul desires. Make it easy.
How we like it:
We are very excited about this tasty seasoning! It can work it's magic on nearly any dish. Add it to oil and create a fantastic marinade for meats, than bake in the oven. Add to egg paste or any egg creation, salads, sandwiches etc. Season to taste. It makes any ingredient into a recipe with added benefits of immune system boosting black caraway. 

no artificial flavors or colors | naturally gluten-free | vegan | non-gmo